Zombie Invasion : T-Virus Walkthrough

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse in this game by Amphibius Developers ? if not, then take a look on zombie invasion : t-virus walkthrough ! it will give you a full solutions guide step by step to finish the quest :)
here are the story :
In a house, located in atlanta, was underground laboratory, where various experimentations were conducted. In secret laboratory. Professor morgan has created a new type of mutation, which returns life to the dead. Subsequently, Dr. Morgan thought his idea was genius, a biological weapon to turn the tides of war, but the virus escaped the lab. Police announced the building was to be put under quarantine. A group of special forces soldiers were sent in to eliminate the carriers of the virus. Communication has been lost with special forces team as of 3 hours ago. We have evidence to believe the laboratory also created an antivirus. Your task is to find this anti-virus and bring it back to us. Remember, any that carry virus are aggressive to the living. And above all do not let them bite you. Good Luck !

zombie invasion cheats :
from floor 1 click the stairs to go for floor 2
get the baseball bat on door 2 and go inside
take an umbrella hanging on left, use the baseball bat to knock out the zombie
take the key on the floor, click the kitchen
smash the bottle open to get a paper of color guide diagram for electricity
get the first blue button on the stove

go back and look on the right side of the mirror : 77-9-63
click on left door to open, there’s a dark room with zombie.. but you can’t kill it right now

go outside of floor 2
use the key to open door 3 there’s a man that will give you a key to open the cabinet glass on floor 1

back down to floor 1
use the key to open the red shelf on the left
get the axe and first aid kit

back up to floor 2 door 3
the man already become a zombie, use the axe to kill him
get a gun, red button and bullets + paper inside box
drag 2 bullets to the gun inside your inventory

go up to floor 3
use your gun to kill the zombie
go to door 5, get a green button then go inside the bathroom and get a yellow button + knife
on the wall there’s a numbers : 972 875 788 710 639
from this pattern, the next number is 576

go outside floor 3
now place the buttons to the electric panel just like the paper diagram

go up to floor 4 where the lights is on now
go up to floor 5 and click the crates, pick up the cutting tool

go down to floor 1, use the cutting tool to cut the lock and open the door
it’s a laboratory
place the paper to the projector and plug in the cable
you will see hint number : 44 28
get a bullets near the zombie head

go up to floor 4 and use it on to open the lock code
use the gun to kill all the zombies
get a crowbar, then take a look on the man with green uniform
on his hand there’s a blue tube
also use knife to cut his finger
look right and use the cutting tool on the bars on floor
use umbrella to reach the flashlight
on the table there’s a suitcase, enter 576 to open
get a crossbow inside, take the lamp out on the wall

go up to floor 5 and use the crowbar to open the crate
get the arrows, combine it with the crossbow

go to floor 3
use the crowbar on the right crate
get a lamp

back to floor 4
place the lamp on the wall to see code on wall

back to floor 1 and use crowbar to the wooden wall under the stairs
use flashlight and get a shotgun
combine the bullets to the shotgun

back to floor 2
go to the dark room in door 2
use flashlight and kill the zombi with shotgun
click on the wall there’s a safe picture
slide the lever to 77 9 63
get green tube and 3064 paper code

back to lab on floor 1
open the red suitcase with this code
change the O shape into the corner of each number
get red tube and key card

go to floor 5
put the finger and keycard to open the main door
now place 3 tube on the machine
get syringe on table

go to floor 1
use crossbow to kill the zombie
use syringe to get the blood sample

back to floor 5
put syringe to the mircoscope
take a look for the color
red – light blue – yellow – blue
change the X letters into LPRZ and get the anti virus

Great job ! you got it. Now get back to the safe zone. I’ll be waiting for you there
Oooh shit, no ! They got out, they’re everywhere ! There is no way out, i need to escape !
Now you’re alone, sorry i can’t help you anymore.
You have to find a way out by yourself. Just escape from that building
Good luck !

To be continued to zombie invasion : escape

13 thoughts on “Zombie Invasion : T-Virus Walkthrough

  1. Gemma

    i cant open the red suitcase in the lab on floor 1 because i need 4 pictures. i have the code ’3064′ from safe. where do i get the picture code from? i have been all over the place. its driving me insane. Please let me know asap. Thank you Gemma.

    1. rupp

      The symbols represent the number by way of corners so 3 is a triangle 0 is a circle so on and so on

  2. Steve

    change the shapes on red suitcase by the numbers… click first shape three
    times, next shape none, next shape six clicks, last shape four clicks. remember some shapes stay for two clicks. count the clicks, not number of shape changes


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