Zombie Invasion : Escape Walkthrough

The second part for Amphibius Developers zombie apocalypse game is here ! find way to escape and if you stuck, then let’s solve it together in this zombie invasion : escape walkthrough to find the exit solution :)

zombie invasion escape cheats :
tap the white chair on the left to get a gun, under it you can see a post newspaper with 2 headlines : powderfinger sell-out gig banned and bishop blesses hollywood stars
click the shelf and get a hammer

now tap right wall and use hammer to break it, you will get a paper with some stars position :
- – - -
- – x -
- x – -
x – - x
click the trash can to get another paper with hint button press and 10

click the door and go to the left
use hammer to kill the zombie and get a key from his pocket
unlock the right door with this key

in this room you can see a dead zombie and fireplace
click the picture above fireplace to see a safe box

on the table there’s a paper note with phone number : 56382272 call me!
get a corkscrew on right cabinet


go inside left room and click the red box, use the hint with stars to open it
get a handle

go outside to exit door and use the handle on the left door
use hammer on the brick and get a tool on the shelf inside
complete the swirl floral puzzle and get 2 bullets with blue butterfly

click to the right, click the white chair
use the tool to unscrew the chair on the floor
open the door and kill the zombie with gun
get a ladder, coin and white butterfly

back to the fireplace, now put all the butterfly on the wall
get a weapon mace
use the ladder on right cabinet, and get an orange flashlight

go outside to the left room, and go inside the brick again
use the flashlight so you can see the zombie
use the mace to kill her, get a coin from her pocket
on the shelf get a red screwdriver and key

back outside and open the suitcase on the table with your key
take the items then combine the gun and ammo

back to the fireplace and go to left room
use the ladder to reach the vent and unscrew 4 screws with screwdriver
use flashlight to see the zombie and kill her with gun
get a coin from her and pick up the tool near her

go outside to the phone, and put all 3 coins
then press this number : 56382272
you have another hint : 23 – 11 – 86

go to the left with the room inside bricks
use flashlight and pulldown the lever to 23 – 11 – 86
get a shotgun with black key
go out to the right and open the cage with this key
get your shotgun ready to kill the zombie
get a note from his pocket
xx = 20
y = 60

back to the safe, now if you use the tool on the paper you can see :
which means :
30 Right
60 Left
20 Right
10 Left
open the safe and get an uv light

go to exit room, click shelf and use the screw driver on the radio then use the corkscrew to get the little yellow disk out
now go to where you had to remove the chair and combine the tool with the yellow disk and use it on the 4 holes in the floor where the chair was to get betteries for the blacklight
use the uv light on the suitcase weapon and above where you find the flashlight for 4 numbers

go open the box near cigar box
you will have these paper code 2Y,R,3G,B
use uv light on the keypad with “key”
you will see keypad with colors
press the number with color using the hint :
2 yellow 1 red 3 green 1 blue
use the key to exit !

Good job soldier
you have managed to escape from the building with your life, and the antidote. But this is not the end, you see death and carnage all around you, the virus has escaped and the apocalypse has come. The whole city is infected, and while you have survived ! it may be too late for humanity.

9 thoughts on “Zombie Invasion : Escape Walkthrough

    1. Amar

      The trick is you have to rotate the key to right till it. Comes 30 then rotate it from left till it comes 60 and then rotate it from right till it comes 20and at last rotate it from left till it comes 10

  1. steph

    When u said click on white chair do u mean the chair with the white cloth wrapping it? I tried clicking on it but nothing happened. Help plz


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