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The Curse Level 10 Walkthrough

riddle #2 easy
the curse level 10 walkthrough
solve this riddle :
Pay attention to every line, and look for the answer. Perhaps you should fold ?
Everything you need is here, right on this page.

the items that you can fold ? and is here on the puzzle ?
the solution is PAPER

The Curse Level 95 Walkthrough

riddle #13 – hard
the curse level 95 walkthrough
Solve the riddle :
Interesting numbers 18, 37 6 81, 55

The answer is to look at pages 18, 37, 6, 81 and 55 in the book. There will be an alphabet letter on each level in the center Mannequin (you must completed these level first, in order to see the mannequin)
combine the words and it will spells T-H-R-E-E

change all 5 letters into THREE

The Curse Level 2 Walkthrough

riddle #1 easy
the curse level 2 walkthrough
solve the riddle :
We’re here all the time but can’t always be seen. The more light there is, the lest that we gleam.

Use your smarts to solve the riddle. Input a 5 letter word via the provided mechanism. Grab a letter reel and drag it up and down to cycle the letters: release to select. Press the submit button to provide your answer

the solution is “STARS”