Santa Vs Zombies Walkthrough

A solution guide for santa vs zombies walkthrough to help you finish 3 santa claus job on a house full of zombies this year, you only have time before christmas morning.
Santa vs. Zombies by Amphibius Developers

there are 3 Santa’s Christmas Morning Checklist to complete :
- clear the house of all zombies
- create your own snowman
- decorate the christmas tree

try to explore all place, like backyard, inside room and even garage to find some keys, weapon and item to solve the puzzle
you will find 4 weapons to use and kill the zombies :
1. icicle
2. axe from garage
3. gun inside safe on top of chimney to kill 2 zombies
4. gun from car to kill 2 zombies

santa vs zombies cheats :

just keep this in mind :
you can’t finish the christmas tree and snowman task before you kill all the zombies inside the house
there are 6 zombies total to kill
you can complete christmas tree with 1 item after you open the last door, which is the bathroom
the snowman need these items to complete :
1. scarf (bag near 1st zombie)
2. carrot (fridge)
3. tree branches (dumpster)
4. bucket (bathroom)

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