Land of the Dead Walkthrough

New zombie escape game by Amphibius Developers and we have land of the dead walkthrough ready here ! and let’s discuss it together if you get stuck on some of the puzzles
It’s time to explore the Land of the Dead, are you ready ?

amphibius developers land of the dead cheats video :

land of the dead solution guide :
look at the top right for a paper note with pin and list of steps hints :
- find the radio
- repair the vehicle
- find the map
- escape

the guy inside the bar have some items :
“of course you can have my radio and lighter, but you’re gonna have to do something for me first, find my missing playing cards and it’s all yours”

take a coin and ace card on the road before you heading to the guns store
look at the bike in front of the guns store for a tool

use the coins on parking meter right to the police station, it will give you some numbers : 8403
go to the cocktails bar and input the numbers on the cashier machine and get 5 dollars
move right and give the guy his ace card to get a lighter and radio

“if anyone is stil out there and living. a safe house is located along the 1-63 highway
located just north of kingston
we have food we have protection
stay safe”

go to the bar machine and put the 5 dollar and play the game until you have 100 coins on each
get a coin and buy a crossbow
“the undead are walking. zombies they call ‘em. protect yourself, buy one of my guns and aim for the head.”

look for chevron gas station
go to snack bars on the left and click on the lays for a cutter
move to the cashier and use the cutter on the wires to obtain 3 of them
connect the wires on the wall outside the bars and pull the lever

get your crossbow ready to kill 4 zombies
get a paper hint :
o x x o
x x o x
o o x x

use the cutter to the motor to get a pipe
click the firetruck car near gas station and click on the code
get a fire extinguisher
go inside police station to use the fire extinguisher on the fire
get a bullet and swat car key on the floor
remember the number on the wall : 843704

back to the bar and input the number on the safe
get the knife, kill the police zombie on car with this blade
you will get another key
look behind the car and open the police car
get a coin and car jack
use the car jack on the swat car and get another coin

purchase a magnum 44 gun, go to the bar and shoot on the toilet door
use the lighter and gun, click until the zombie dead
get a coin and key
back to police station and open the jail bar, kill the zombie
get the coin and cutting tool

back to the gun shop and purchase a gun
go to the store market to the cashier and cut the chains using cutting tool, get a shotgun
combine the bullets and shotgun inside inventory

go to the fence left to the bars, and use the cutting tool to cut it open
open the swat car using the key and shoot on the dog with shotgun
get a coin and night vision
move back to police station and kill the zombie using the nightvision on left room
get 2 coins




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