Dark Stories : Midnight Killer Walkthrough

Can you solve the murder crime story with mystical mystery theme in this MPI Games ? if you stuck, then look on dark stories : midnight killer walkthrough to find the solution.
here are the story :
Gregory Ross is a detective from Los Angeles homicide department. He doesn’t have much friends and probably will never won popularity contest in his police station. It is all because Gregory has a gift – he is connected to the world of supernatural. Gregory can see things, hidden from others and solves the cases which couldn’t be told about for a cup of tea. This detective investigates dark stories !

tips how to play :
you can chat with people, use the talk or yell button to explore more dialogue
change the day and night with button and find hint that you can get on each time
there’s one item that you can get by combining : white bucket from bottle of water and gypsum, you will use this to make a plaster of footprint
after you get the werewolf eye skill, use it on the crime scene to get more items

here are some progress of dark stories midnight killer cheats that you can see from the police station computer :
While having a dialog with a patrolman who spotted the body he said that victim was not just being murdered but torn apart by the beast.
Casts of footprints which were founded in the forest stacks ideally with shoes of forest loner. Most likely, he is the murderer.
One statuette from the set was knowingly lost by murder in crime scene to lure his victims. He who left this statuette is a murderer.
Ipod which was founded in the forest belongs to the victim. Murderer was in rush perhaps, so he didn’t pay attention to it.
Patrolman told about earlier kidnappings and all the victims were little girls and teenage girls.
Backpack obviously belonged to a young girl was founded in a forest near the crime scene. This kidnapped victims backpack most likely. There are initials on it I.N.
Clear footprints were left on a wet ground by a murderer in the forest. These casts of footprints will help me identify murderer by his shoes.
Red hood with bit and talons marks was found in the forest on the crime scene. Its obviously victims hood.
Scrap of jeans was founded near the forest lake. There is no direct link between it and a case we are working on yet.
Few pieces of black hair. This hair was founded on a victims hood near the mill pond. Murderer has probably a dog or something.
Few pieces of gray hair. This was founded on a hollyberry trail. It is a total difference between this gray hair and those we founded earlier.
A small funny statuette from the set. Usually such sets are collected by housewives. Was founded on a hollyberry trail. It is unlikely belongs to the case.
Supernatural knowledge about werewolves, their clans, traditions, merits and flaws that i’ve read from the marrows book in his wagon.

video walkthrough

there are 2 different finals of the game :
here’s the final story for the one with girl alive and we save her
The case about forest werewolf is closed. A hermit who lived in forest was a kidnapper and serial killer. As for kidnapped girl, we saved her. Werewolf kept her in the basement of his old house but now she returned to her parents and this entire story will stay for her just a horrible dream. Another dark story is untied. Nice work gregory ross !

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