Curse Breakers : Paranormal Walkthrough

Get on your quest to defeat evil and protect the innocent with amphibius developers game, curse breakers : paranormal walkthorugh
There are many ghost that will pop up in this android game, collect items, combine and solve puzzle and challenges to complete

Curse Breaker, we need your help once again. This job is no simple task, the danger is real.
There have been reports of unusual activity coming from a home located deep in the country.
After being alerted to a mysterious disappearance and death in the area, we decided to research this house.
We found that 60 years ago, the head of the paranormal department, doctor condron, was doing his own research on this very own house. No one knows the exact results of his research, but a letter from the doctor leads us to believe he was attempting to destroy an evil which had cursed the home.
You must do whatever it takes to unravel this mystery, find dr. condron and destroy the evil presence..

we’re doing the answer the puzzle right now, if you have any complete solution just step ahead in comment here :)

pick up door key on the right bush
open inventory, select the key and unlock the door

under the stairs get :
a blue magnet that has been shaped into a letter A on the bag
single battery on table
there’s 4 color puzzle with numbers that you can solve

move left to the kitchen
get a chef knife with a wooden handle
click the fridge and put letter A on between B and C
zoom in the kitchen tool then pick a small metal key

move left and go to the trash can
pick up a teared paper

click the table, there is a hint on wooden board near shisha
get a universal remote on the sofa
pick up another teared paper piece left to the TV
behind the painting there’s a puzzle with lever

you can go outside to the pool

back to the stairs, and go up
get a sheet of music on the box

open the left room and go inside
a hint on the newspaper : “EVIL1968″
click on the piano and put the sheet of music there
above the aquarium there’s a puzzle, drag the pieces to make a picture of bike complete
a drawer will be open
take a palm sized battery, large and heavy utility axe ?? (should be a pin)
if you zoom the aquarium
the key is at the bottom of the aquarium, you need something longer to take it out

thanks to AVANISH BALAJI for special hint :)

go to middle room (bedroom)
solve puzzle on box under bed, rotate each puzzle to make a complete picture 7×4 square
get a heavy old style video recorder, it’s missing battery
combine with the big battery

use this camcorder in the darkroom on the first floor near stairs, the video camera lets you see in the basement
take 3 items : axe, charger, long wooden rod

back to bedroom
open the closet using pin, and use axe to break the crate
get a green fish net, combine with long wooden rod
go to the pool and get the green glass bottle using rod

go to the 2nd floor and open the third room (bathroom)
use axe to break the shower glasses
get letter F green magnet and pair of uncharged batteries on top
in the bathtub find a rubber sink stop

plug in the cable cord to turn on the heater
see the mirror code 3349

go to piano room click on the suitcase near aquarium and enter the code
get a pair of rusty pliers and letter G yellow magnet

go to bedroom
use knife on the bed and get a spring using the pliers
use the hook to get gold key from aquarium
open the box on the bedroom table with this key
get a very old and faded photo of the house and letter D purple magnet ?? (supposed to be blue)

put all the magnet letters on the fridge, there’s a piano photo
so this is your hint to play the piano
play the piano and a drawer will be open, get an old VHS cassette tape

go to kitchen
put in the charger on the socket near sink
charge the battery and combine it with the tv remote
go to the tv
put in the VHS cassette and turn it on using remote
on the screen there are 3 digits of number

use this number to open the box in the kitchen
there are 4 colored dice with “numbers” + wooden handle
use the numbers on the puzzle under the stairs
get a corkscrew (used to open bottles) and combine it with wood handle
open the bottle using corkscrew and find numbers : 19-77-35

use it on the lever behind the painting
get a small wooden piece, usually an indicator of spiritual messages during a seance
click the board on table and put in the wooden piece, old photo enter the word on newspaper

get 2 items on floor :
a fish bowl full of water, it contains a gold fish swimming happily
broken shards of glass from a mirror (1/6)

go to room with telephone, get another broken shards

go to the stairs
get a broken shards, open the door and get broken shards

go upstairs to solve the puzzle (picture of skull) and get a flashlight
use the flashlight on the room with telephone to get a steel crowbar

go outside using crowbar to open the planks and get a broken shards
go inside bathroom
get a broken shards on floor
place the mirrors above and combine them together 07 19 23
use the numbers to open the lever under TV
there’s a note from dr. condron : 56382272
use the telephone and enter these numbers to get a code

open the box under stairs with code 0717 and get a red wheel
put the wheel on pipe then press it

back to room under stairs
get a yellow rag, and a length of steel chain using crowbar

go outside, use the chains on the well’s wood
use flashlight to see skeletons, open the crate using cowbar and get a large ruby gem
take a magnet from skeleton

go inside door under stairs
use the magnet on the floor to get a wooden spigot
back to bathroom, put the spigot on barrel
get a heavy weight metal object
go outside and open door with this item, get a small woden stick from the griffin statue

combine the small wooden stick with the paper where is writen 197735
got to the telephone and enter 9-7-5 on the treasure box
get a large emerald gem, rubber sink stop, a clock time in a paper and a mirror
set the time of old clock to 08:05, take a large citrine gem

go to bathroom
put the rubber into the sink, fill in the water faucet
use the fish bowl

use all the gems on the griffin statue on piano room
a sunlight will appear, use mirror to reflect the light and burn the cardboard on floor
use the bowl on the flame and get a square tile covered in dirt
combine with yellow rug
put the tile on the tombstone

Good work curse breaker ! you have managed to solve the mystery of dr. condron and break the curse on the home, no other innocent life will be lost to the evil. We will contact you again when a new job is available.

64 thoughts on “Curse Breakers : Paranormal Walkthrough


    Further for paranormal.
    In the piano room observe the suitcase on the lowef left hand side
    Get the camcorder and go into the dark room pick the axe and the stick. Open the closet of bedroom where u find a crate use the axe to break open the crate. U get a net use the stick and net combination. Go to the pool retrive thd bottle.go to ghe kitchen.take the knife on the left hand side .use the knife to tear the bed in the bed room. Go to thd bathroom break the glass of bathtub using axe.collect items. In bathtub fake the stopcork.collect it.come out.attach tge the socket.go to the basin fix the stop cork. Turn on the tap u ll get a code on the mirror.use the code to open box on piano room.u get a cutter. Use this cutterto get the spring on the bed.combine it with the clip.use this to retrive the key from the tank.go to bedroom click on the left hand side open the box collect the items.till now u shud have some letters.attach this to the fridge. U ll get 3 4letter words. This is the code for thr piano.collect the casset. U will also have acharger with 2 batrries.attach tge charger in the socket in the kitchen where u found the key. Charge the batteries nd combine it with the remote. Go to thr tv.put the casset below the tv and use the mremote to turn on the tv. U will get a 3digit no. Use this no. To open the safe in the kitchen near the knives.


    Last step use the gems u have retrieved in the statue in the piano room
    By doin this it gives a light.
    Next place the mirror when the light hits the wall
    The cardboard box burns pour water on it from the bowl and retrieve the tile .
    Wipe the tile by combining it with yellow cloth.zoom in on the death stone and place the tile
    Its done

    1. admin Post author

      thanks avanish, i just update the last step :) no other horror games right now, do you know any other room escape game that have a long step like this ?

    1. kranthi kumar

      just click on the number that u wants to click and rotate it until it reaches the gold color indicated bar on the bottom right corner…in indication a number will appear in the white colored box with number u clicked on…….

  3. marvin

    Hello, i have a question about “back to room under stairs
    get a yellow rag, and a length of steel chain using crowbar” … i’m not able to find the steel chain…where is it?

    Thank you

    1. Scar-lette

      Under the stairsI you need to break a wooden crate with the crowbar to get the piece of chain as well.

  4. Chanel

    Can someone help me with the statue…? I’m not sure if I hve all the gems for the statue. I think something is missing… ty. ♥*^▁^*♥

  5. Chanel

    Can someone help me with the statue…? I’m not sure if I hve all the gems for the statue. I think something is missing… ty. ♥*^▁^*♥

  6. Mary Mar

    Hi please help,where is this darn steel chain can’t find it nowhere I be been trying for 2 whole days…someone please

    1. 81times

      I can not get the crow bar to work so I can get the chain!! What am I missing? ? Please help??!!??

      Thank you! !

  7. Dubhe

    I’m stuck at the piano. I have the music paper on it and I try to play the given combination from the fridge, but no drawer opens. I have tried playing the piano a couple of times now, really getting bored… Am I doing something wrong? Is there anyone that can help? Thanks!

    1. Scar-lette

      After you get the red stone from the first skeleton, tap to the left & another skeleton will come up then tap it repeatedly & the magnet will appear.

    1. nicole

      put the small wooden piece which are use during seance and the old picture you found in the chest box in the bedroom on the oujia board.move the wooden piece according to the clue in the newspaper(evil1968)

  8. rRay

    Pls can u help I am stuck in the bathroom and when I turn on the tap to see the code in the mirror there is nothing. Don’t know what else to do :( am so into this stage but am just so stuck!! Pls can someone help me asap!!!

  9. David Bellard

    I can’t find all the darn mirror shards…. I have four, could someone outline specifically where all are at? Thanks

  10. Dewed

    Parts of this were wrong. When it said “Back to room under stairs” … turned out the room was the piano room upstairs. Other parts were pretty vague. But I made it through. Thanks!

  11. Jasmine

    Im still tryna figure out the skeleton puzzel , so once I complete it , how am i suppose to know if I did it correectly?? Am i suppose to push the back button , or is it suppose to open on Its own??

  12. boredmum

    Can’t get the sensce (sp) bored to work. Did I miss a step? The item you use on it will not move. Any ideas? Thank you! I hope someone still checks this cheat sheet.

  13. .___.

    Can someone plz plz tell me how to get cam corder in dark room.. I mean how the heck shud I put the batteries in the video recorder?????? I got the both things tho

  14. farhanazaman

    Can anyone tell me in detail, how to combine video camera and it battery. I me tapping them together but nothing happen. Please anyone.ASAP

  15. almos

    I need a mirror to reflect the light from the griffon statue but there is no mirror in the treasure box by phone. Where do I find this mirror?


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