Curse Breakers : Halloween Horror Mansion Walkthrough

Welcome to the House of Horor room escape game Curse Breakers : Halloween Horror Mansion Walkthrough. The MPI Games who create the logic puzzle game like 100 doors, 100 missions is giving out a special season game that you can play on android.
Don’t worry if you got stuck, because the hint answer how to solve the puzzle and pass through each challenges part that you stuck is here to help you out :)

Do you like scary stories ? well of course you do, curse breaker. Come closer, and listen… Once upon a time there lived a wealthy family, a mother, a father, and their young daughter Emma.
The father, a wealthy business man, was ruthless and cunning. One day he crossed the wrong man and the story starts here…

Many items to collect, combine and solve puzzles with!
On your first job you will be taken to a Haunted Mansion where a family has been torn apart by a cursed crystal ball, it is your job to stop this curse and put an end to the horrors that lurk in every corner. Can you break the curse and set the family free?

thx to Dave Coward for the horror mansion solution :
1. Enter front door. Enter the door on the left to go to the basement.

2. Turn on the light. Click where the tools are on the back wall. Pick up the shovel. Go back upstairs.

3. Go into the dining room. Click on the table and take the candle.

4. On the fireplace mantel is a box with a butterfly. Click on the butterfly and solve the puzzle to open the box. Take the key.

5. Go to the table next to the grandfather clock and take the vase.

6. Go out the adjacent door into the backyard. Click near the trees to move forward, then take the teddy bear. Go back.

7. Go into the barn. Take the firewood, the teddy bear and the ladder. Use the key on the locker door and open it. Take the crowbar.

8. Leave the barn. Click on the cemetery area, then use the shovel to dig in front of the gravestone on the right. Click on the coffin, then use the crowbar to open it. Take the matches and the gold necklace.

9. Go back until you’re in the dining room again. Put the logs in the fireplace. Use the matches to light them, then use the vase to put out the fire. You’ll see a 4-digit code (3924).

10. Go back and then click on the bookcase at the other end of the table. Enter 3924 on the box. Take the gold bar.

11. Go back into the basement. Click the pumpkin on the table. Put the candle in the jack o’lantern then light the candle with the matches. Click back and turn off the light. Click the wall where it’s lit up from the jack o’ lantern then use the crowbar to break the wall. Take the teddy bear. Leave the basement.

12. Go through the dining room, and into the bedroom. Click on the bed and put the 3 teddy bears on the pillow. This opens a dresser drawer. Take the birthday card from the door. Note the age and the birthday.

13. Leave the bedroom and go to the calendar on the wall in the dining room. The girl’s birthday was February 23rd. Change the month to February (slide it). Then drag the red square to the 23rd. Since she turned 6 on that day, move the blue square to the 6th. This opens a drawer. Click back and take the key from the drawer.

14. Go back to the hallway. Select the ladder then click on the ceiling where you see a black knob. When the ladder is in place, click the ceiling again to open the attic. Go up.

15. Take the paper from the table. Use the key on the chest under the table and take the flashlight. Take a moment to touch the different musical instruments to familiarize yourself with each sound. Leave the attic but leave the ladder there.

16. Go back into the dining room and click on the dark corner. Use your flashlight to reveal a light bulb and a box. Take the bulb then click on the box. Take the ax out of the box.

17. Go to the bathroom and kill the zombie with the ax. Go to the sink and click the faucet to fog the mirror. Note the 4-digit number (1514). Click on the tub, then click again until a blue mirror appears. Take it.

18. Go back to the attic. Click the wall behind the table and note the nail. Put the blue mirror on the nail. You’ll see a mirror image of a number (1977). Leave the attic and take the ladder this time.

19. Go back to the bedroom, click the box on the desk and enter 1514 to open it. Take the gold jewelry.

20. Go back into the barn. Select the light bulb and click the light near the ceiling to put the bulb in. Go to the fuse box. Remember the paper from the attic? 1-3, 2-2, 3-4. That’s the column and row for each wire. Click the yellow wire and click the 1st column, 3rd row; click the blue wire and click the 2nd column, 2nd row; click the red wire and click the 3rd column, 4th row. Click the switch on the power box. You should hear a sizzle. Click back. Prop the ladder on the left side then climb it to the loft. Take the blue gem. Go back down, take the ladder, and leave the barn.

21. Go back to the cemetery and to the scales. Put the necklace, the gold bar, and the jewelry on the scale. A yellow gem appears on the gravestone. Take it.

22. Go to the white gravestone that’s marked “…. – 1996″ and click on it. Click the four dots to read 1977. Take the record.

23. Go back to the dining room and click on the gramophone. Put the record on the gramophone and touch the handle to play it. This gives you the order of the instruments.

24. Go back to the attic and go to the display with the instruments. Touch them in this order: guitar, tambourine, horn, violin, harp, guitar. A red gem is revealed. Take it and leave the attic.

25. Go back to the dining room. Immediately on the left is a bureau with a puzzle in the middle. Note there are four circles, each with 4 color gems. There are three missing gems, which you’ll supply from your inventory. Starting with the innermost circle, place the blue gem. In the next circle, place the yellow gem. In the next circle place the red gem. Once all the gems are place, rotate the circles until the colored gems line up. Make sure the lines are vertical and horizontal (like a plus sign). If done correctly, a blue button will appear in the center.

26. Click the button and you’re done!

43 thoughts on “Curse Breakers : Halloween Horror Mansion Walkthrough

    1. James Calvin Johnson

      To get to the barn go to the room with the table the door is on the left. That takes you outside look to the left at the door and that’s it
      To do the wires usethe paper with the 1-3. 2-2. 3-4. Then put the ladder up on the left side.

  1. facundo

    and help me with the order of the instruments for which there is a tambourine and a horn this harp guitar violin trumpet and flute please

  2. Kabir

    Hi There
    This game is so cool , I just need help with the wires in the barn they proper annoying ! please put a video or something more detailed to complete the wires thankyou xx

  3. Mia

    I did all the steps correctly and put the gems in order but I don’t see the blue button. Please help me. Thanks. :)

  4. Tiffany Miller

    Can’t get the ladder to prop up against the left side in order to get to the blue gem. HELP!

  5. jammmie

    This is getting so not funny im tapping now for 20 min on the left site in the barn to put the steps up but nothing

  6. Tasha

    if you can’t get me at me email please message me on kik at xxcarebearbabyxx please I need help with the wires I tryed the 1-3 2-2 3-3 if you could show me threw a picture or something please I need help

  7. Aras

    I broke the wall in the basement and the 3rd teddy bear is visible but I can’t get it. Is there a bug I couldn’t understand. Please someone help me I really want to finish this game


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