Santa Vs Zombies Walkthrough

A solution guide for santa vs zombies walkthrough to help you finish 3 santa claus job on a house full of zombies this year, you only have time before christmas morning.
Santa vs. Zombies by Amphibius Developers

there are 3 Santa’s Christmas Morning Checklist to complete :
- clear the house of all zombies
- create your own snowman
- decorate the christmas tree

try to explore all place, like backyard, inside room and even garage to find some keys, weapon and item to solve the puzzle
you will find 4 weapons to use and kill the zombies :
1. icicle
2. axe from garage
3. gun inside safe on top of chimney to kill 2 zombies
4. gun from car to kill 2 zombies

santa vs zombies cheats :

just keep this in mind :
you can’t finish the christmas tree and snowman task before you kill all the zombies inside the house
there are 6 zombies total to kill
you can complete christmas tree with 1 item after you open the last door, which is the bathroom
the snowman need these items to complete :
1. scarf (bag near 1st zombie)
2. carrot (fridge)
3. tree branches (dumpster)
4. bucket (bathroom)

Dark Stories Bloody Night Walkthrough Crimson Shroud

Dark Stories Bloody Night Walkthrough – Help gregory ross, the detective from a homicide department to investigates dark stories crimson shroud
Good evening, detective. Those information we have this moment : we have a call from girl, she said that after dating decided to call her boyfriend, As she said a boy at this time was going through the park and connection with him was suddenly broken. She also states that before loosing connection she has heard that someone attacked him. Girl called him Edgar Cunningham.

video cheat guide :


tap the newspaper on right side, get a cell phone
open it from your briefcase by double click it, now look at the fingerprint :
1 x
2 3 x
x x 4

press these buttons to see the phone owner, it’s edgar cunningham

click on the cage, there’s a chain on it. Maybe patrolman has something to cut through it
talk to the police and he will give you key from the trunk
open your suitcase and drag the key to the car’s trunk
get cutting pliers – hardware tool, it can cut through the iron bars.

drag the cutting pliers to the gate so it open, click it
before you’ll find solution to the illumnation problem, you can’t do anything
go back and tap on the electricity power
connect the wires by dragging the right color and it will make mill a bit lighten place

get a rope from car’s trunk – proper bunch of rope, i can’t figure out how long it is.
get a hook from the statue on the way in front of you – it seems that this construction hook hangs here since the monument’s reconstruction.

combine rope on hook into 1 item by dragging it inside your inventory – now, with the help of hook on rope, you could pick up objects from the distance
move to the cabin and use it on the ladder, so you have a bridge
go inside the cabin
the door is locked with the decrepit bar so it must be easily saw.
get 2 clogged wheels on floor and boxes – this is longstanding clogged wheel. i haven’t seen anything like that for a long time in our cell age.

go back to the statue and open the toolbox, you will find a handsaw, hammer and nails
use the saw on the door and take a look on what’s inside
get a clogged wheels on floor, the interior of the mill is flooded. To get in you need to lower the level of water

click the left side and put both clogged whells on the correct spot



Land of the Dead Walkthrough

New zombie escape game by Amphibius Developers and we have land of the dead walkthrough ready here ! and let’s discuss it together if you get stuck on some of the puzzles
It’s time to explore the Land of the Dead, are you ready ?

amphibius developers land of the dead cheats video :

land of the dead solution guide :
look at the top right for a paper note with pin and list of steps hints :
- find the radio
- repair the vehicle
- find the map
- escape

the guy inside the bar have some items :
“of course you can have my radio and lighter, but you’re gonna have to do something for me first, find my missing playing cards and it’s all yours”

take a coin and ace card on the road before you heading to the guns store
look at the bike in front of the guns store for a tool

use the coins on parking meter right to the police station, it will give you some numbers : 8403
go to the cocktails bar and input the numbers on the cashier machine and get 5 dollars
move right and give the guy his ace card to get a lighter and radio

“if anyone is stil out there and living. a safe house is located along the 1-63 highway
located just north of kingston
we have food we have protection
stay safe”

go to the bar machine and put the 5 dollar and play the game until you have 100 coins on each
get a coin and buy a crossbow
“the undead are walking. zombies they call ‘em. protect yourself, buy one of my guns and aim for the head.”

look for chevron gas station
go to snack bars on the left and click on the lays for a cutter
move to the cashier and use the cutter on the wires to obtain 3 of them
connect the wires on the wall outside the bars and pull the lever

get your crossbow ready to kill 4 zombies
get a paper hint :
o x x o
x x o x
o o x x

use the cutter to the motor to get a pipe
click the firetruck car near gas station and click on the code
get a fire extinguisher
go inside police station to use the fire extinguisher on the fire
get a bullet and swat car key on the floor
remember the number on the wall : 843704

back to the bar and input the number on the safe
get the knife, kill the police zombie on car with this blade
you will get another key
look behind the car and open the police car
get a coin and car jack
use the car jack on the swat car and get another coin

purchase a magnum 44 gun, go to the bar and shoot on the toilet door
use the lighter and gun, click until the zombie dead
get a coin and key
back to police station and open the jail bar, kill the zombie
get the coin and cutting tool

back to the gun shop and purchase a gun
go to the store market to the cashier and cut the chains using cutting tool, get a shotgun
combine the bullets and shotgun inside inventory

go to the fence left to the bars, and use the cutting tool to cut it open
open the swat car using the key and shoot on the dog with shotgun
get a coin and night vision
move back to police station and kill the zombie using the nightvision on left room
get 2 coins




Dark Stories : Midnight Killer Walkthrough

Can you solve the murder crime story with mystical mystery theme in this MPI Games ? if you stuck, then look on dark stories : midnight killer walkthrough to find the solution.
here are the story :
Gregory Ross is a detective from Los Angeles homicide department. He doesn’t have much friends and probably will never won popularity contest in his police station. It is all because Gregory has a gift – he is connected to the world of supernatural. Gregory can see things, hidden from others and solves the cases which couldn’t be told about for a cup of tea. This detective investigates dark stories !

tips how to play :
you can chat with people, use the talk or yell button to explore more dialogue
change the day and night with button and find hint that you can get on each time
there’s one item that you can get by combining : white bucket from bottle of water and gypsum, you will use this to make a plaster of footprint
after you get the werewolf eye skill, use it on the crime scene to get more items

here are some progress of dark stories midnight killer cheats that you can see from the police station computer :
While having a dialog with a patrolman who spotted the body he said that victim was not just being murdered but torn apart by the beast.
Casts of footprints which were founded in the forest stacks ideally with shoes of forest loner. Most likely, he is the murderer.
One statuette from the set was knowingly lost by murder in crime scene to lure his victims. He who left this statuette is a murderer.
Ipod which was founded in the forest belongs to the victim. Murderer was in rush perhaps, so he didn’t pay attention to it.
Patrolman told about earlier kidnappings and all the victims were little girls and teenage girls.
Backpack obviously belonged to a young girl was founded in a forest near the crime scene. This kidnapped victims backpack most likely. There are initials on it I.N.
Clear footprints were left on a wet ground by a murderer in the forest. These casts of footprints will help me identify murderer by his shoes.
Red hood with bit and talons marks was found in the forest on the crime scene. Its obviously victims hood.
Scrap of jeans was founded near the forest lake. There is no direct link between it and a case we are working on yet.
Few pieces of black hair. This hair was founded on a victims hood near the mill pond. Murderer has probably a dog or something.
Few pieces of gray hair. This was founded on a hollyberry trail. It is a total difference between this gray hair and those we founded earlier.
A small funny statuette from the set. Usually such sets are collected by housewives. Was founded on a hollyberry trail. It is unlikely belongs to the case.
Supernatural knowledge about werewolves, their clans, traditions, merits and flaws that i’ve read from the marrows book in his wagon.

video walkthrough

there are 2 different finals of the game :
here’s the final story for the one with girl alive and we save her
The case about forest werewolf is closed. A hermit who lived in forest was a kidnapper and serial killer. As for kidnapped girl, we saved her. Werewolf kept her in the basement of his old house but now she returned to her parents and this entire story will stay for her just a horrible dream. Another dark story is untied. Nice work gregory ross !

Zombie Invasion : Escape Walkthrough

The second part for Amphibius Developers zombie apocalypse game is here ! find way to escape and if you stuck, then let’s solve it together in this zombie invasion : escape walkthrough to find the exit solution :)

zombie invasion escape cheats :
tap the white chair on the left to get a gun, under it you can see a post newspaper with 2 headlines : powderfinger sell-out gig banned and bishop blesses hollywood stars
click the shelf and get a hammer

now tap right wall and use hammer to break it, you will get a paper with some stars position :
- – - -
- – x -
- x – -
x – - x
click the trash can to get another paper with hint button press and 10

click the door and go to the left
use hammer to kill the zombie and get a key from his pocket
unlock the right door with this key

in this room you can see a dead zombie and fireplace
click the picture above fireplace to see a safe box

on the table there’s a paper note with phone number : 56382272 call me!
get a corkscrew on right cabinet


go inside left room and click the red box, use the hint with stars to open it
get a handle

go outside to exit door and use the handle on the left door
use hammer on the brick and get a tool on the shelf inside
complete the swirl floral puzzle and get 2 bullets with blue butterfly

click to the right, click the white chair
use the tool to unscrew the chair on the floor
open the door and kill the zombie with gun
get a ladder, coin and white butterfly

back to the fireplace, now put all the butterfly on the wall
get a weapon mace
use the ladder on right cabinet, and get an orange flashlight

go outside to the left room, and go inside the brick again
use the flashlight so you can see the zombie
use the mace to kill her, get a coin from her pocket
on the shelf get a red screwdriver and key

back outside and open the suitcase on the table with your key
take the items then combine the gun and ammo

back to the fireplace and go to left room
use the ladder to reach the vent and unscrew 4 screws with screwdriver
use flashlight to see the zombie and kill her with gun
get a coin from her and pick up the tool near her

go outside to the phone, and put all 3 coins
then press this number : 56382272
you have another hint : 23 – 11 – 86

go to the left with the room inside bricks
use flashlight and pulldown the lever to 23 – 11 – 86
get a shotgun with black key
go out to the right and open the cage with this key
get your shotgun ready to kill the zombie
get a note from his pocket
xx = 20
y = 60

back to the safe, now if you use the tool on the paper you can see :
which means :
30 Right
60 Left
20 Right
10 Left
open the safe and get an uv light

go to exit room, click shelf and use the screw driver on the radio then use the corkscrew to get the little yellow disk out
now go to where you had to remove the chair and combine the tool with the yellow disk and use it on the 4 holes in the floor where the chair was to get betteries for the blacklight
use the uv light on the suitcase weapon and above where you find the flashlight for 4 numbers

go open the box near cigar box
you will have these paper code 2Y,R,3G,B
use uv light on the keypad with “key”
you will see keypad with colors
press the number with color using the hint :
2 yellow 1 red 3 green 1 blue
use the key to exit !

Good job soldier
you have managed to escape from the building with your life, and the antidote. But this is not the end, you see death and carnage all around you, the virus has escaped and the apocalypse has come. The whole city is infected, and while you have survived ! it may be too late for humanity.

Zombie Invasion : T-Virus Walkthrough

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse in this game by Amphibius Developers ? if not, then take a look on zombie invasion : t-virus walkthrough ! it will give you a full solutions guide step by step to finish the quest :)
here are the story :
In a house, located in atlanta, was underground laboratory, where various experimentations were conducted. In secret laboratory. Professor morgan has created a new type of mutation, which returns life to the dead. Subsequently, Dr. Morgan thought his idea was genius, a biological weapon to turn the tides of war, but the virus escaped the lab. Police announced the building was to be put under quarantine. A group of special forces soldiers were sent in to eliminate the carriers of the virus. Communication has been lost with special forces team as of 3 hours ago. We have evidence to believe the laboratory also created an antivirus. Your task is to find this anti-virus and bring it back to us. Remember, any that carry virus are aggressive to the living. And above all do not let them bite you. Good Luck !

zombie invasion cheats :
from floor 1 click the stairs to go for floor 2
get the baseball bat on door 2 and go inside
take an umbrella hanging on left, use the baseball bat to knock out the zombie
take the key on the floor, click the kitchen
smash the bottle open to get a paper of color guide diagram for electricity
get the first blue button on the stove

go back and look on the right side of the mirror : 77-9-63
click on left door to open, there’s a dark room with zombie.. but you can’t kill it right now

go outside of floor 2
use the key to open door 3 there’s a man that will give you a key to open the cabinet glass on floor 1

back down to floor 1
use the key to open the red shelf on the left
get the axe and first aid kit

back up to floor 2 door 3
the man already become a zombie, use the axe to kill him
get a gun, red button and bullets + paper inside box
drag 2 bullets to the gun inside your inventory

go up to floor 3
use your gun to kill the zombie
go to door 5, get a green button then go inside the bathroom and get a yellow button + knife
on the wall there’s a numbers : 972 875 788 710 639
from this pattern, the next number is 576

go outside floor 3
now place the buttons to the electric panel just like the paper diagram

go up to floor 4 where the lights is on now
go up to floor 5 and click the crates, pick up the cutting tool

go down to floor 1, use the cutting tool to cut the lock and open the door
it’s a laboratory
place the paper to the projector and plug in the cable
you will see hint number : 44 28
get a bullets near the zombie head

go up to floor 4 and use it on to open the lock code
use the gun to kill all the zombies
get a crowbar, then take a look on the man with green uniform
on his hand there’s a blue tube
also use knife to cut his finger
look right and use the cutting tool on the bars on floor
use umbrella to reach the flashlight
on the table there’s a suitcase, enter 576 to open
get a crossbow inside, take the lamp out on the wall

go up to floor 5 and use the crowbar to open the crate
get the arrows, combine it with the crossbow

go to floor 3
use the crowbar on the right crate
get a lamp

back to floor 4
place the lamp on the wall to see code on wall

back to floor 1 and use crowbar to the wooden wall under the stairs
use flashlight and get a shotgun
combine the bullets to the shotgun

back to floor 2
go to the dark room in door 2
use flashlight and kill the zombi with shotgun
click on the wall there’s a safe picture
slide the lever to 77 9 63
get green tube and 3064 paper code

back to lab on floor 1
open the red suitcase with this code
change the O shape into the corner of each number
get red tube and key card

go to floor 5
put the finger and keycard to open the main door
now place 3 tube on the machine
get syringe on table

go to floor 1
use crossbow to kill the zombie
use syringe to get the blood sample

back to floor 5
put syringe to the mircoscope
take a look for the color
red – light blue – yellow – blue
change the X letters into LPRZ and get the anti virus

Great job ! you got it. Now get back to the safe zone. I’ll be waiting for you there
Oooh shit, no ! They got out, they’re everywhere ! There is no way out, i need to escape !
Now you’re alone, sorry i can’t help you anymore.
You have to find a way out by yourself. Just escape from that building
Good luck !

To be continued to zombie invasion : escape

The Curse Valentine’s Day Puzzle Walkthrough

Click on the letter on bottom left to start the valentine puzzles, if you stuck we always here to help you with the curse valentine’s day puzzle walkthrough
The Valentine’s Update is now available for download for free! Will you solve this new set of challenges?

This diary was sent to me by a secret admirer. Can you solve the Valentine’s Mystery for Mannequin in the new update?

the curse valentine level 1 walkthrough : Tangram #1 Puzzle
reconstruct the silhouette

the curse valentine level 2 walkthrough : Riddle #1 Puzzle
roses are red,
violets are blue,
now add a daffodil,
and answer this clue.
solution : BROWN

the curse valentine level 3 walkthrough : Match-It #1 Puzzle
find the matching image, this one is random so you must solve it

the curse valentine level 4 walkthrough : Tangram #2 Puzzle
reconstruct the silhouette

the curse valentine level 5 walkthrough : Riddle #2 Puzzle
the word ELBOW will provide your answer :
elbow = below = above

the curse valentine level 6 walkthrough : Burn The Rope Puzzle
Burn all of the knots
you can follow from number 1 – 15

the curse valentine level 7 walkthrough : Solitaire Puzzle
jump the circle to remove a circle, you can only jump 1 circle
solution to move :
1. left to right
2. top to bottom (middle)
3. left to right (bottom left)
4. bottom to top (middle bottom)
5. top to bottom (middle)
6. top to bottom (middle)
7. right to left (top right)
8. top to bottom (middle top)
9. right to left (bottom right)
10. top to bottom (middle right)
11. left to right (middle left)
12. top to bottom (top left)
13. bottom to top (bottom right)
14. top to bottom (middle right)
15. right to left (bottom right)
16. left to right (bottom left)
17. top to bottom (middle left)
19. right to left (bottom right)
20. right to left (bottom right)
21. left to right (bottom left)
22. left to right (bottom left)
23. left to right (top left)
24. bottom to top (middle right)
25. bottom to top (bottom right)
26. top to bottom (top right)
27. bottom to top (middle right)
28. bottom to top (middle left)
29. bottom to top (bottom left)
30. top to bottom (top left)
31. bottom to top (middle left)
32. left to right (top left)
33. right to left (top right)
34. bottom to top (top right)
35. bottom to top (middle)
36. right to left (top right)

the curse valentine level 8 walkthrough : Sliding Blocks Puzzle
remove the heart block
solution from left to right :

the curse valentine level 9 walkthrough : Tangram #3 Puzzle
reconstruct the silhouette :

the curse valentine level 10 walkthrough : Match-It #2 Puzzle
find the matching image

The Curse Level 20 Walkthrough

hamiltonian #1 – easy
the curse level 20 walkthrough
complete a full circuit using every screw on board
make a connection by dragging from one screw to another, tap to delete it
a single screw can only have 2 connections at any one time

answer with picture :

cheat solution :
Connect all top nails and right side nails.
Than start from left top nail come down, go right, down, left, down ,right, right, right, up, left, up, right, right, right, down, left, down, right, down, left, left, left, left, left, down, down, down, right, up, up, right, right, down, left, down,right, right, up, up, right, down, down, right,up all the way to the top